Term Description
API Application Programming Interface
CamelCase Convention to spell file, variable or function names reminiscant of a camel, e.g., doSomething()
CMS Content Management System
Console Also known as terminal, the console is an interface which takes written user commands. Bash is one of the most popular terminals on OS level, but scripting languages like Python and R have consoles to communicate with there interpreter,too.
Deployment The art of delivering a piece software to production
Endpoint Part of an API, a generic URL that follows a systematic that can be exploited to automate machine-to-machine data exchange.
Fork a clone of a repository that you (usually) do not own.
GUI Graphical User Interface
IDE Integrated Development Environment
Kebap Case Spelling convention less known than snake case and camel case, kebap case looks like this: my-super-folder.
Lexical Scoping Look up of variables in parent environments when they can’t be found in the current environment. Be aware that this is the default behavior of R.
Merge Request See Pull Request.
OS Operating Systen
OSS Open Source Software
Pull Request (PR) Request to join a feature branch into another branch, e.g., main branch. Sometimes it’s also called merge request.
Regular Expression Pattern to extract specific parts from a text, find stuff in a text.
REPL read-eval-print-loop
Reproducible Example A self-contained code example, including the data it needs to run.
Snake_case Convention to spell file, variable or function names reminiscant of a snake, e.g., do_something()
Stack selection of software used in a project
SQL Structured Query Language
Swimlanes (Online) Board of columns (lanes). Lanes progress from from left to right and carry issues.
Throughput Problem A bottleneck which can be mitigated by parallelization, e.g., multiple containers running in parallel.
Transactional Database Database optimised for production systems. Such a database is good at reading and writing individual rows w/o affecting the other and while taking care of data integrity.
Virtual Machine (VM) A virtual computer hosted on your computer. Often used to run another OS inside your main OS for testing purposes.